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Dear all,

Certainly a fruitful discussion via email. To be able to follow it more precisely a respective forum would be more convenient. 
I have offered already to use one of mine for this task — free of charge.
By the way, concerning a constitution, the FAEF - a new federalist group founded mostly out of former UEF members - will propose a new draft constitution the next days.
In my humble opinion not the right way to get a constitution for Europe, but still a good chance to promote a federal union.
In case you are curious about the forum:
There Javier Giner (a UEF & FAEF member) has already promoted the draft of a constitution:
To take part in the discussion. An email to me is sufficient. 
@Ivo — this is the 2nd attempt for a forum. You’ve been already a forum member in the 1st attempt.

Dear Heinrich,


thank you very much for opening up this new tool for discussion. 

I think we are in a crucial phase in EU integration process. We have said this several times, but this time with the war on Ukraine it has a new dimension and the threat for the whole EU is imminent. This situation can lead to fundamental reforms especially in CFSP. BUT: There is no automatism. The dangers for EU unity also from the inside are given. It is therefore necessary to make the case for the next step of EU integration and try to win as much support from the European public. 


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