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A Project, A Method, And An Agenda To Build The European Federation

In Brussels, on Tuesday 9 May 2023 from 11:30 to 12:00, Simone Ceramicola, President of "Avenir de l'Europe", in the presence of the public, S€D representatives and Belgian and European authorities, will proclaim the European Appeal "A PROJECT, A METHOD AND AN AGENDA TO BUILD UP THE EUROPEAN FEDERATION".

This appeal complements the Manifesto, which is addressed to civil society, i. e. associations and citizens; the appeal is addressed to European political parties.

I hope that the Europa-Union Heilbronn will sign this appeal and disseminate in Germany.

Best regards,


A Project, A Method, And An Agenda To Build The European Federation

Since the signing of the Treaty of Lisbon in 2007, fifteen and a half years ago, the European Union has faced a series of challenges that have highlighted its weak capacity to react and meet the expectations of its citizens. The aggression asserted by Putin in Munich in 2007, and exercised in 2008 against Georgia, then in 2014 in Crimea and Donbass, remained unanswered, which prompted him to behave even more horribly from 24 February 2022 in Ukraine. Faced  with the financial (2008), monetary (2010), migration (2015), health (2019-2022) and security crises, whether in Afghanistan, the Sahel or Ukraine, the  European Union and its Member States have taken certain measures, but not as a European Federation with a single foreign and security policy could have done,  including a common defense, and budgetary, monetary, migration, health, social and environmental policies enabling Europe to act effectively in the interests of its citizens.  But it is no longer enough to suggest a European Federation, it must be done.

To this end, it is necessary and urgent to establish the fundamental elements of a PROJECT, a METHOD and an AGENDA, taking inspiration from the dozens of federal states that exist throughout the world, but taking into account the cultures, values and history specific to Europeans. Like the Schengen zone or the Eurozone, this Federation would be founded by the States that want it, alongside the European Union, of which it would be a member, but this time by means of a Constituent Assembly, with the mission of drafting and adopting a real Constitution, not a new international treaty. That is the PROJECT.

The essential elements of this constitutional text must first of all be a single citizenship granted to all those who live in the European Federation and guaranteed by the Charter of Fundamental Rights. It will then be up to the federal legislator, who will be bicameral, to set the budget of the Federation and to finance it from own resources. The whole European Federation will use the European currency. The  common foreign and security policy must include a common defense. No veto power will be granted to Member States. The federal  government will be accountable to the federal legislature.

The METHOD to be followed by the Constituent Assembly in drafting, and adopting  a Federal Constitution will include a constant and in-depth dialogue with national parliaments and civil society. It must be submitted for ratification by the citizens by a pan-European referendum, because sovereignty belongs to the people. In this way, the principles of both representative democracy  and participatory democracy will be respected. With this in mind, it would be useful to convene interparliamentary assizes such as those held in Rome in November 1990.

The AGENDA is linked to the tenth legislature of the European Parliament (2024-2029) to get a European Federation before any further enlargement.

We call on European political parties to incorporate these ideas into their electoral programs, and we will call for a vote for parties that have incorporated them into their programs.

Brussels, 28 April 2023

Pier Virgilio Dastoli
Movimento Europeo Italia

Simone Ceramicola,
Avenir de l’Europe

Jean Marsia,
European Society for Defence INPA

François Mennerat,
Europe Unie dans sa Diversité

Anita Bernacchia,
Associazione Mazziniana Italiana

Catherine Vieilledent,
UEF-Groupe Europe

Domenico Rossetti di Valdalbero,

Alain Calmes,

Heinrich Kümmerle hat auf diesen Beitrag reagiert.
Heinrich Kümmerle

Danke Jean!

Und gleich hier das von Dir erwähnte Manifest.


Dem die EUROPA-UNION Heilbronn bereits zugestimmt hat. Ich frage gerade den Vorstand ab, ob wir auch Euren Appell mitunterzeichnen werden.

Nachtrag: Die EUROPA-UNION Heilbronn unterzeichnet auch obigen Appell.

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